New Adventures

Last year at this time I weighed 275 lbs and was going in the wrong direction. I was beginning to move from a XXL to a XXXL and I had a 44 inch waist. A number of things caused me to consider getting serious about losing some weight, but it was seeing myself in this picture that spurred me to action:

So I went to work and by the end of the year I had lost 75 lbs. My body went through some pretty serious transformation and adjustment. My shirt size is now L and I am wearing 34 jeans.

I also began running last fall competing in the Turkey Run 5K on Thanksgiving. As I got involved in exercising I gain a new group of like minded friends and ended up joining the Brainerd Lakes Multisport club.

I have run a few races – Run for the Lakes Half Marathon, Moose Run 10 K, and the Tough Mudder 12 mile obstacle course. I am loving my knew healthy lifestyle and the disicpline that I have gain in my weight loss journey has transfered into other areas of my life.

I am currently training for my first Triathlon, Tri for a Cause, and looking forward to the Lakes Country Triathlon in August.

I thank the LORD for motivating me to be a wise steward of all that he has given me including my body. I want to bring glory to him in all things and don’t want to be disqualified because I have not cared for my physical health.

I am excited for the new adventure of being a triathlete. For now I am just training to be one, but come July 21, Lord willing, I will officially become a triathlete.

Asher running to the finish line with Dad at the Run for the Lakes in April 2012


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