Food For Thought

Let these spur you to deeper thought and laughter

5 Secrets Pastors Refuse to Tell:

By their very nature, pastors are a confidential lot. They counsel numbers of people who share their deepest secrets and problems. They know things about families that could hurt and embarrass them if they shared information freely. So pastors tend to keep secrets and confidential information well.  But most people don’t realize pastors have their own secrets. These spiritual leaders refuse to share their thoughts or pains for fear that their own ministries will be damaged.

The Seduction of Pornography: I am often asked why I post so many things about pornography addiction. The reason is because I have found in my experience discipling men that pornography is the biggest snare of the devil that men fall into. We must win this battle and we can!

7 Ways to Get You Super Focused: Unfortunately, I live in the same distracting world you do, where multiple voices compete for my attention. I’ve gone through days when I didn’t accomplish a single thing on my to-do list. Yet, somehow I was busy the entire time!


I Bet You Can Not Watch The Whole Thing!


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