Food For Thought:

Here are a few links to stir you to think and laugh!

Summer Road Trips: We are going on a Family Trip in two weeks and found this post to be helpful as it suggests good audio books to listen to while on the road.

One Ministry, Two Kingdoms: “The biggest protection against the kingdom of self is not a set of reformative defensive strategies. It’s a heart so blown away by the right-here, right-now glories of the grace of Jesus Christ that you’re not easily seduced by the lesser temporary glories of that claustrophobic kingdom of one, the kingdom of self. The problem is that no matter how committed I am to the big kingdom, I am always grappling with the dynamic of shifting treasure.” Paul Tripp

5 Things Mentors Should Model: I have been blessed with some wonderful mentors in my life and I seek to be one to others as well. This is some good advise for those seeking a mentor or seeking to be a mentor.

Colosse: Fun, Creative and Inspiring

Classical School Reading List: This is a great list of reading books for parents seeking to educate their children.

I hope that these encourage and edify you today.


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