The Tough Mudder: A Parable of Real Life

On Saturday May 19th I ran in the Tough Mudder with some treasured friends. 12 miles of rugged terrain with 24 crazy obstacles. It was an incredible physical challenge and was also a major mental battle as well. That time with my brothers was a blast, and it got me to thinking about life.

The Tough Mudder was billed as a challenge not a race, and the point was not to win but to finish it together with your fellow Mudders. We were required to take a pledge promising to help each other finish the course. The goal was not just to finish, but to finish the right way!

The LORD has set a course before us and has called us to run the race with endurance. Jesus also told us that in this life we will face many obstacles, but that we should take courage because he has overcome the world.

Additionally, Christ Jesus has called us to live out this life in community with other believers. We have brothers and sisters to run this race with and it is not about finishing first so much as it is about finishing together.

We all have obstacles to face in this life. Mine are not the same as yours, and yours are not the same as mine, but together we can get through them all because Christ Jesus is our power source.


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